Theory Test Case Study 3

You drive through the city centre, choosing to travel outside the rush hour. In the city, there are double red lines along the roadside. Later, you reach a major junction. The traffic lights aren't working but there are very few vehicles on the road. At work, you have to park on the roadside. When parking, your steering feels a little heavy. You pick up your laptop to take to work and lock the car. You leave your camera on the back seat.

You have 10 minutes to answer 5 multiple choice questions based on the case study above. Read this carefully and make sure you understand the scenario before starting the test. You need to score 4 out of 5 to pass.

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1. What effect could your choice of travel time have on your journey? Mark one answer
A Higher traffic volume
B Increased delays
C Reduced mileage
D Reduced travel time
Correct Answer: D Reduced travel time
2. What do the red lines mean? Mark one answer
A No stopping at any time
B No stopping at lunch time
C No stopping at night time
D No stopping at peak time
Correct Answer: A No stopping at any time
3. What should you do at the traffic lights? Mark one answer
A Continue on and assume you have right of way
B Drive across the junction as quickly as possible
C Proceed with care, as with an unmarked junction
D Stop and wait for the signals to start working again
Correct Answer: C Proceed with care, as with an unmarked junction
4. What could be affecting your steering? Mark one answer
A Tyres that are low on tread
B Tyres that are non-matching
C Tyres that are over-inflated
D Tyres that are under-inflated
Correct Answer: D Tyres that are under-inflated
5. What should you do with your camera? Mark one answer
A Cover it up with a thick blanket
B Leave it lying on the back seat
C Lock it away securely out of sight
D Put it in a bag on the front seat
Correct Answer: C Lock it away securely out of sight