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Vehicle Loading Theory Test 2024

The Vehicle Loading Theory Test Theory Test consists of 12 questions.
You need 10 out of 12 (86%) to pass. There is no time limit for this test.
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Vehicle loading refers to towing a caravan or carrying a heavy load in your vehicle. This can affect stability, handling, steering and stopping distances, causing stress to the driver and the vehicle. Reduced speed limits apply when towing, and you must stay in the left hand lane. Devices including stabilisers and breakaway cables can be fitted to counteract any problems.


  • Overloading your vehicle can affect handling and steering
  • The driver is always responsible for any overloading

Roof Racks

  • All loads must be fastened securely to the roof rack
  • A heavy load will reduce stability


  • If you are driving fast for a long distance , and carrying a heavy load, you should inflate your tyres to more than the normal recommended pressure

Trailers and Caravans

  • The maximum speed limit is 60mph
  • On a three lane motorway, only use the left hand side and centre lanes
  • If the trailer or caravan starts to snake from side to side, you should ease off the accelerator slowly
  • Passengers are not allowed to travel in a trailer or caravan at any time
  • A stabiliser fitted to the tow bar will help with vehicle handling, particularly in crosswinds
  • Always check your vehicle’s handbook for the maximum permitted nose weight of the tow ball

Vehicle Loading Theory Test Tips

Caravans and trailers are basically the same thing when it comes to questions in this section. Whichever answer applies to one, will also apply to the other.